Every Day Stewardship ... Recognize God in your ordinary Moments

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What would happen if you found out right now that relatives of yours were coming into town tomorrow. and they hoped to stay with you? You can either tell them they can't stay with you, or you immediately begin a process of furiously cleaning, straightening up, and grocery shopping in anticipation of your guest. If you don't have to do anything to prepare because your home is perfect, clean and fully stocked, perhaps you don't live in your home or you are obsessive compulsive. I suspect most people reading this would go into panic mode!

We spend much time putting off things until later. Then when something unexpected happens we swing into action to deal with it or prepare for its effects. We would have acted differently if we knew what was coming down the road.

What does your stewardship way of life look like? Are you living as if you have forever, or are you living as if Jesus could return any moment and your life here on earth could end tomorrow? The fit of time is often taken for granted. If we live more mindfully of that gift, we waste less of it and maximize the moments in which we find ourselves. We give of ourselves in ways that are more meaningful and productive. The gift of tomorrow is not promised to you, but the gift of today has already been given. Use this day wisely because who knows what tomorrow may bring. -- Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS